Educational Material

This is a place to share educational materials that are useful to instructors designing courses and students who want to learn more about applied ontology.

If you are uploading educational material that was produced by someone else, please be sure you have obtained their permission first, and, of course, respect intellectual property. Outside links to content are welcome.

Video lectures/ podcasts explaining different terminology/concepts

Lecture notes

(i.e., some written text)



(with guided exercises and/or 1-3 hours sessions at events)


  • JOWO 2017 Ontology pub quiz questions and answers.
  • ISAO 2016 Pub Quiz Note: these questions were created so as to be (roughly) within the scope of the ISAO16 programme, and a few questions generated discussions as to what the 'real correct' answer should be.

Syllabi and reading lists for past courses